Defining Instincts Press Release September 2011

For IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                      

Forward Motion Pictures Presents: The World Premiere Screening of “Defining Instincts” Wednesday, September 28th at the Carlton Cinema, Toronto.

Intense, youth oriented film explores the thin line between euphoria…and despair


(Toronto, Sept. 21, 2011)   The producers of a unique coming of age film, in association with Toronto’s 211 Helpline, kick off their Awareness Campaign for Youth, with the debut of Defining Instincts, next Wednesday…1pm & 7pm at the Carlton Cinema.

The music-driven film Defining Instincts forms a visceral and intense vehicle, communicating the emotional fervor of growing up today- something that must be truly witnessed to be understood.

Jane and Vince are dealing with their dysfunctional parent’s divorce.   She needs easy money to party; he seeks refuge in drugs and sex.  Tyler is medicated on prescription drugs…and struggling with his sexual identity.  

While today’s youth are often accused of lacking the passion and direction necessary to take charge of their lives, both governmental and non-governmental organizations have fallen short in providing solutions to the new problems they face.  As a result, young people often feel isolated and alone.

Marko is deeply disturbed.  He’s been sexually abused, and is being bullied at school.  Jasmine suffers both physical and verbal abuse from her alcoholic father, and contemplates suicide.  Joel is hooked on fun and partying, but spirals downward, due to his choice of so-called “friends”. 

Defining Instincts and the band K.i.n.d (movie soundtrack)…grew out of a belief that change must be made by youth, not for them. Through direct contact with young people; artist, musician, and filmmaker Rob Bryton was inspired to write and produce the k.i.n.d album, and organically the motion picture Defining Instincts was born.

Annette is shy and sensitive, trying to understand her attraction to girls.  Hayley is homeless, kicked out of the house, living on a friend’s couch.  Chase is from a good family, but rebels against the system.  

Defining Instincts will be donated to organizations around the world that benefit youth.  During TIFF 2011, the Defining Instincts team worked closely with Toronto’s 211 Helpline to help promote youth awareness of the various social services that are available to young people in need.

David sells drugs and is dealing with being gay and coming out at school.  He’s an easy target for homophobic classmates.  Mr. Kerr is the school’s guidance counselor and Marko’s father.  Denying his reality, he heads down a road of deception, while fulfilling his twisted sexual desires.

The entire cast and crew of Defining Instincts donated their time and efforts to the movie’s cause. Through film and music, they hope to raise awareness and gain new insights into solving problems.

About:  Producer/Director – Rob Bryton

 Rob Bryton, creator of “Defining Instincts” – and the k.i.n.d album, “instincts” – has captured the experience of growing up in the 21st century, and society’s profound impact on today’s youth.   He calls it “a music-driven Docu-drama”, but it is hard to discern if the stories have grown out of the songs…or if the tunes have sprung from real-life circumstances.  In any event, this project is already being compared to such cult classics as “Yellow Submarine” and “The Wall”, plus more recent youth driven hits “Kids”, “Thirteen” and “Kidulthood”.

Defining Instincts” is more than just a film…it’s the soundtrack to every teen’s life.




with Amy Lu

during TIFF 2011

Click  to read the full interview


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