defining instincts characters

jane played by samantha westervelt

jane is the first character we see in the movie…at the point we begin to follow jane, she is already in a state of confusion. From a wealthy family she’s experiencing neglect from her career driven parents, who don’t seem to have time for anything but themselves and their own personal habits. Though jane has been brought up quite spoiled, she now feels abandoned and obviously now searching for something to fill the void….

Throughout the movie jane deals with spiraling issues, which she wasn’t even aware really existed…not to give it all away, sudden divorce of her parents begins the life twisting journey for her ahead…definitely an understatement!!!!

I’m sure we’ll all be talking about jane for some time to come…

vince played by phil sivitilli

vince, to say it mildly, is one of the edgiest characters in the movie!!! vince is jane’s older brother, and as we know is dealing with intense peer pressure and family issues similar to jane. (From a wealthy family he also experiences neglect from his career driven parents, who don’t seem to have time for anything but themselves and their own personal habits. Though vince has been brought up quite spoiled, he now feels abandoned and obviously now searching for something to fill the void….)

vince’s life shifts between a life of partying and the struggles of coming up with cash to support it!!! the sh*t he goes through, at times, are situations that none of us would ever hope for ourselves…


joel played by jordan cohen

I think Jordan summed it up best in segments of the interview series…joel is a party’r with a need for sex..and more sex.

joel like many of us is trying to figure out what life is about for him…he loves getting stoned and loves a good party!! the more stoned the more horny!!!!! and he’s not shy about trying to get what he wants.

We watch joel go through a multitude of experiences which by the end of the movie puts him in a situation that will change his life forever!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the sexually edgiest scenes in the movie, is hard for me not to feel the dripping reality!!!!

hayley played by melissa tasson

hayley’s life, to someone watching, always appears to be outta control…I’m sure people watching me at times, have prob felt the same, as I’m sure a lot of u reading this have felt people feel about u. On the surface hayley is wild, fun, care-free and always ready to experience more!!!! inside, she has old fashion morals that get hazed up by drugs and alcohol, oh ya and sex!!!!

hayley doesn’t live at home, due to excessive peer pressure and an abusive single parent mother, she bounces from place to place, couch to couch…bed to bed

You will be sure to see her get in and out of almost everything…!!

marko played by mikelle virey

marko was the most difficult character to cast!!! he deals with issues that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone in this world!!!!!!!!    ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I started looking for an actor that could get into this head space, that even I couldnt understand, I knew I was jumping over a line that I could have never imagined jumping over!! the more I found out how often and how many young people are abused, either physically, sexually or verbally….I FELT SICK!!!

marko, dealing with parental abuse,  as with many teens and people in there twenties is searching for a meaning in there life…The challenges he faces, as do most in his situations, are heavily hazed with deep emotional turmoil…!!!!

how to deal with such a f**ked up situation… TOGETHER.

annette played by genevieve dufour

annette like most of us, at some time in our life, questions what she wants and the meaning of love. When casting, I knew that choosing the right girl for this role would bring out the inner-passion in all of us.

annette lives with her mother, who was never married and pursues a professional alternative lifestyle…annette’s curiosities and heart felt passions take her on a roller coaster ride in search of what love can be for her…Like a lot of us, not always in control…


tyler played by william ellis

tyler’s struggle to understand himself is hazed by his daily dose if Ritalin…he battles his emotions as they take him down a road he rarely comprehends!

Throughout my life I’ve experienced a vast amount of people that question the purpose and meaning of thier life, their inner most desires and in tyler’s case, among many around the world, their sexual identity. Harsh confusion to wasted bliss tyler pushes forward adventure after adventure…

Though tyler and many teens start with ADD meds…it usually goes further!!!!    I BELIEVE THERE’S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY

chase played by jermaine boucher

chase is a very chill teenager, who at this point in life is just lookin to get by and have some fun… n oh ya get high

Mostly chase just goes about doing his own thing, either hangin with vince or workin girls around school…For the most part his parents are about as chill as he is… but def have their moments!!

As with most chill people…if we hang with wild friends life gets way more crazy…and chase is no exception


jasmine played by holly timpener

As tough as we may be we all have vulnerabilities…to share those, is to me and most of us, something we do carefully and cautiously, especially as we are growing up…

jasmine like so many others deal with physical, verbal and emotional abuse from people that take advantage of their vulnerabilities, in a lot of cases their parents!!!!!! Usually trying to hide whats really goin on, our friends sense something’s not right…and like jasmine have to trust and break down to who they feel the closest.

Most of us feel the laws dealing with ABUSE are far to lenient!!! I know there are many gr8 organizations that help countless numbers of youth around the world…BUT…there are many who are in such FEAR – they are so afraid to seek help…at times they have no choice but to turn to harsh methods of dealing with such a f**ked up situation…I CANT EVEN IMAGINE HOW I WOULD FEEL OR WHAT I WOULD DO…PLEASE HELP!!!!


david played by remy davids

david’s outgoing personality manipulates his desires…his parents, both professionals, told david at age 15 its time you learn to take care of yourself.” now 17, david is doin just that…He deals drugs and small thefts to support his lifestyle…and like many teens, their parents oblivious to what really going on.

david is also dealing with an issue that a lot of teenagers deal with, being gay…and dealing with the real situations that come with being OUT.

He lives through a variety of experiences dealing with both drug dealing, being gay, and what he really wants!!!!


mr. kerr played by gary biggar

mr. kerr is the guidance councilor at the school…seems more like mis-guidance to me?!?? Not only is mr. kerr in a destructive relationship, as well as guilty of neglecting his only son, “marko” who goes to the school his father works at!! Because mr. kerr and his wife dont get along, he seeks and lives out his sexual fantasies almost everywhere!!!

One day while I was drawing the storyboards of the movie, I saw a news cast of a teacher that was arrested three times for sexual abuse of a student…as I heard this I knew that somewhere in the movie I needed to bring awareness to these horrid situations!!!! though mr. kerr isn’t dealing with minors, he def crosses the line more than once!!


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