defining instincts – “whatta tease 2”


As for me, rob bryton,…I’m a combo of

As for me, rob bryton,…I’m a combo of a few things which fortunately altogether allowed me the creative abilities to complete this project. I’m a singer, musician, songwriter first, constantly torn between the desires to create visual art which I have been lucky enough to have the opportunities…

the real reason

#rob: I guess I should tell u a bit about some of the issues that the movie deals with. Since I began Ive met tons of young exceptionally motivated people around the world who all seem to have similar concerns about issues like: divorce, peer pressure, sexual identity, support, abuse, disease and suicide to name a few. All these issues, we seem to mutually agree, need more attention…and need better awareness of what REALLY happening!!!

One thing is for sure…thanks to so many people and thier contributions, in many different ways…a lot of these issues are exposed in the movie.

BUT…to me and many others this movie is just one way to make people aware of some of the heavy sh*t that’s really existing.

My true goal is to start us all talking about what matters to each of us, and together start to figure ways to deal with these issues and make some kind of REAL DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

that’s where you come in.