defining instincts – “whatta tease 2”


the reality…

#rob: The more I understood about these issues the more upset I became which lead to motivation, which then lead to an un-stoppable dedication to make this movie a reality!!!

The process was without question one of the most intense things I have ever done! First having to research what was really going on and why more wasn’t being done to make a difference…The more I spoke with people in their teens and twenties the more obvious it was to me that I wasn’t alone…

Every issue we deal with in the film I have seen many young people go through and the more I talk to these people the more we began to realize that there were more things we could do when we stick together 🙂

What came next…finding the right actors that would clearly get the real messages out there….

jane and mr kerr in office

joel tyler vince getting high

director, rob, speaks his mind

#rob: Now that we can all understand a bit more about defining instincts and the reasons that so many caring talented people have donated their time and resources in making this movie…as well as the need to make these issues seen more clear!!!! As we recorded music, shot the movie and went through the final stages to get it finished: to many real and undeserving youth have had to deal with issues without proper help…and the number that are no longer with us due to that would make anyone sick to their stomach.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded with so many people that understand…they are never afraid to help someone that needs it…

I know there is more of us out there… so lets start talking!!!!